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Squirrel Animation

This tutorial will show you how to take any image or graphic and make it animated while leaving the image or graphic basically the same, as the original.

Rules on the use of this graphic, are as follows: This graphic is only for use with this tutorial, and may not be used for any other reason, with out the permission of the creator, Janet Barnett.  Please do not remove the name on the graphic, for any reason.  Janet was kind enough to let me use this photo for this tutorial only.

After you have learned this technique, you will be able to do this with any graphic and will not need to use this graphic again.

This tutorial is done with PI 6.

Level: Intermediate +

Main Tools used: Lasso Tool, Retouch-Blur Tool, Clone-Paintbrush, and Zoom Tool.

Here is the picture, that we will be working with.  Right click on it and choose Save As and save the picture to your hard drive.  

I have the permission of the lady who has taken the photo, but you cannot remove her name from the picture.

If you would like to use another image, then that is fine, too.

Open your image in PI 6, and key in Ctrl + D to duplicate the image. Minimize the original, we will work with the duplicate.

Go to side tool bar and click on Standard Selection tool in drop down menu, click on Lasso Tool.

Draw around head, with the tool, donít worry too much about going out of line a little, it will not hurt.

Right click and go to Convert to Object.

Now your green and maroon colored line is white and black.


Note: leave head right where it is do not move, yet.

Do the same with the arm.


Note: again do not move arm at this time.

Ok now we will give him an eyelid, to open and close.

Go to Path Drawing Tool and click on it.

Choose Ellipse, or oval shape, Mode: 2D

For the color use the eyedropper, to choose a color from the image that you are animating, not too dark in this case, but not too light either.

Draw the shape and put it in the eye area. Resize it if needed to fit fairly well.


Now you should have all your body parts that you need.

Now click on the head, arm and eye to activate (hold down on shift key as you do this in order to select all the parts at the same time) and right drop down menu choose group. We are grouping them in order to keep the parts in the exact position that they are in as the original.   Drag the parts off onto their own canvas.  Set them aside for now.

Ok now we are going to change the duplicate of the original so it will look the same in each frame as we move the parts around.

Go to your Clone-paintbrush tool and click on it.

Ok now behind some of the head, is a wood post, so we want to clone that on to the part of the head that is directly in front of the post. Donít need to worry about the rest of the head, at this time.

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