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How to Animate a Photo Banner
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See how the head is kind of fading away? That is what you want.  Go all the way down the post to make it look even.

Ok now do the same with the arm (the part that is on the body). Clone it to look like the shaded white area behind it in the original. On the part that is over the wood part do it the same way you did the post by the head.

Now this is what you should have, notice where the arrows are you do not see the arm and or hand or the head too much any more.

Ok now hit Ctrl + D key on keyboard  to duplicate this frame 4 times, like what I have done here. Activate your body parts and duplicate them 4 times, (I always keep a spare canvas of my body parts, and doctored background, in case I mess up.) Now minimize one background and one of the body parts, to get them out of your way.

Now remember I told you to keep the head and arm in the same position, that they were in, in the original. This is why we did that.



Now move each of the sets of body parts into position, on each of the frames.

Ok in first frame ungroup the body parts, and then delete the eyelid only.

This is so all of the frames will look the same, this, is why we did not use the original image for frame1.

Now save this frame as frame1

Note: donít move any of the other parts.

Remember to save each frame as you arrange them, but do not delete the ones in your PI or merge them, because you may have to come back and make some changes and resave, or you might decide that you need another frame to add more movements.



Ok now go to 2nd frame, and ungroup these body parts, also here delete the eyelid, then go to transform tool and turn the head up as far as you like, or what looks good to you.


See the shadow is gone, and looks more natural.

You will notice that there is some old background showing, now that we moved the head out of original, position. So we will repair that now.

First click and activate both the head and arm, and group them. Then move them a little over to the side. Using the clone tool remove this shadow a little, like we did in the background. Now move the arm & head back into position. Save this as frame2

Third frame lets move the arm a little to the right, and the head down to the left, just a little.

Here is an example of the 3ed frame. Now save this as frame3

Here is the fourth frame we leave every thing in place. Head, arm, and the eyelid.

Save this as frame4

Ok here are the finished 4 frames that you should have.

Now we take these to the Animation part of the tut.

Now with these steps you should be able to animate any photo or graphic. Make your pet blink at you or go to sleep, or even wake up, lol, or hubby to wink at you, or what ever idea you come up with, and not change the background at all, for the most part. Ok letís go to the animation part of this tutorial.  I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial so far.

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