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Animated Bears Header
Part 2
Animated Bears
In the 2nd part of the tutorial you will learn how to animate your bears.
Open your animation program and this window will pop up.  Click on the little magician's hat.
Now this window will open.  Click on Add Image.
Go to the folder where you saved your frames.
Now  hold down on your Ctrl key and highlight all of your frames, starting with the highest number (like in the screenshot to the left).  Click Open.
You will now see this. Click Next.
Make sure Photo-Oriented is selected and click Next.
Don't worry about the settings here, we can change them later.  Click Next.
Click Finish.
Now this is what you will see.  Your list of frames is to the far left.  Click on the Edit tab.
Select All Frames and then go to How to Remove.  Click on the down arrow and then click on To Background Color.
Click on the Preview Tab to see how your animation works.
Now  you can can change the settings in the delay time.  You can make all the frames the same or you can give each frame a different delay time.  This is up to your likes and dislikes. 
If everything is to your liking you can now go to the Image Optimizer for the final step.  Click on the Optimizer tab and then on the Wizard. 
When this window opens, click Next. 
These numbers indicate how many colors your image has and will determine how big your animation will be.  Sometimes you will have to come way down on this number in order to keep your kbs small.  Sometimes doing this will mess up the quality of your animation.  Try to keep your kbs as small as possible.  Click Next.
Here is what you will see.  This will let you know how many kbs your animation has and how much you saved while optimizing.  Here you can also Preview and if your animation is not small enough in kbs you can click on the Another Try tab and try to bring the color count down some more. 
After you are finished with your  animation , save it to a file.  Finished !  You have done it !
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