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Terms of Use
Okay, for my TOU, I would like to say that everything on my site may be used for any reason except to make money directly off of one of my creations or the creations of others, without my permission.
Some of the pictures I use for my creations are the hard work of others who have given me permission to animate them and to display and/or offer them on this site.  So please do not alter them in any way.  Do not put them on CDs or in collecitons without my permission.
As for the tutorials, do not copy them and say they are yours, but if you come up with a better way of doing something that
is written in my tutorials then by all means write your tut, but use your own graphics and words.  Or if from my tutorial you come up with an idea to expand on my idea, then please feel free to do so.  We are all here to learn.
I would also like a link back to my site if you use my graphics but it is not necessary.  You may use the link banner below.  If you don't like the colors of the banner, you may use a text link.
Thank you for your consideration,
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