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Now here is a must see, if you are looking for great tutorials, this is a great place to start.  Deb is the one that got me started in PhotoImpact about two years ago.  She is a great person to meet.  All my thanks to this lady.
Deb's PI Tuts
This lady has a great site, lots of tubes, tutorials, graphics, presets, and many more interesting things.
Rosie's Button
This lady has a lot of great tutorials, graphics, objects and PI resources.  She is a great lady and a must see.
Creations by Kelley Button
Now if you really want  to learn to animate things this is a must see site.   She is good and is a wonderful lady to know. Maggie has a lot of wonderful tutorials, to learn by.
Maco Graphics
This is a great place to find alot of tutorials, clip art and many other things.  Check it out, I am sure you will not be disappointed.
About.Com button
This site, has Tubes, Calling Cards, Tutorials, picture's of Domestic Animals, Landscapes, and other things. Check it out. The lady behind this site, is a real nice, talented lady.

Joan's Banner
Here is a link to a great artist, in oil.  It is a must see if you are interested in fine art.
Beverly Lu
This site has some very intresting, and different graphics, and objects, I think that you would injoy visiting this  site. The lady of this site is a very nice lady, and really is good with all that she does.
Bodhi Creations
This lady has a lot of animated graphics, and a few things that are not copy write. But all are great, she has a lot of cute Emoticons. Lucy also has a lot of other interesting things.
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